Dear community,

May we continue to find moments of play, peace and joy amidst the intensity of this very peculiar holiday season.

Our practice presents the opportunity to regain perspective so that we can drink in all of the blessings that surround us each day.

I host a donation-based* zoom class on Wednesday and Friday at noon. Other places I teach are Kondition Fitness, Yoga Pod, and Colorado Athletic Club- Boulder. You can also find me online at Gaia.

Please reach out with any needs. I have been teaching more small group private classes and am happy to offer those if you are interested. 

I hope to see you on the mat this week.

Love you,

Boulder Yoga Lauren Lewis

Lauren's Weekly Yoga Schedule

12pm | Kondition Fitness
     (in person + virtual | membership specials available)
4pm | Yoga Pod
(in person + virtual | drop in available)

Boulder Yoga Lauren Lewis venmoWednesday
noon | Zoom*
    donation based | Venmo: lauren-lewis-156

9:30am | Colorado Athletic Club
    (membership required)
noon | Yoga Pod
    (in person + virtual | drop in available)

noon | Zoom*
     (donation based | Venmo: lauren-lewis-156)

9:30am | Colorado Athletic Club
    (membership required)

*A note about zoom payment.

Zoom classes are donation based. I offer these with the intention that all are welcome and you can pay what you can/ feels fair. Many of you come regularly and if you would rather pay monthly,  just choose your price and make a note in venmo that it is for the month. I will be teaching Wednesday and Friday consistently for the long haul. More will be added if more in-person classes are dropped.

Your support has been incredibly important to me through this shifting landscape and I cannot thank you enough.