Our beloved yoga practice is a tool for coming home to our bodies ~ in all of their joy and heartache. Self-awareness is a requirement for healing and the more we intentionally show up on the mat and feel, the more we will be willing to show up fully to our lives.

Weather permitting, please join me on Tuesdays (8am) and Fridays (noon or 1:30pm) at North Boulder Park for socially distanced, outdoor yoga. I also host a donation-based zoom class on Wednesdays at noon. Other places you can find me are Kondition Fitness, Yoga Pod, and Colorado Athletic Club- Boulder.

I hope to see you on the mat this week.

Love you,

Boulder Yoga Lauren Lewis

Lauren's Weekly Yoga Schedule

12pm | Kondition Fitness
     (drop in and membership specials available – outdoor class)

8am | North Boulder Park- weather permitting
     (outdoor class | $20/person)
4pm | Yoga Pod
     (in person + zoom | drop in available)

noon | Zoom
    (donation based | Venmo: lauren-lewis-156)

9:30am | Colorado Athletic Club
    (membership | outdoor class)
noon | Yoga Pod (starting September 10)
    (in person + zoom | drop in available)

noon | North Boulder Park
1:30pm | North Boulder Park
     (outdoor class | $20/person)

9:30apm | Colorado Athletic Club
    (membership | outdoor class)