Dear Community,

One takeaway from this past year and a half is that our holistic wellness is reliant upon connection. Let’s join in community to breathe, to heal, to smile, to cry, but mostly to remember who we are ~ a part of something bigger.

I host an in-person class on Tuesday and Saturday at North Boulder Park. You can also find me online at Gaia.

I teach at Yoga Pod and Colorado Athletic Club- Boulder. My standard schedule is below. Please sign up for my email list and follow me on Facebook and Instagram for any changes.

Please reach out with any needs. I have been teaching more small group private classes and am happy to offer those if you are interested.

Love you,

Lauren's Weekly Yoga Schedule


4pm | Yoga Pod
in person + virtual | drop in available


9am | North Boulder Park*


9:30am | Colorado Athletic Club
membership required

noon | Yoga Pod 2
in person + virtual | drop in available

1:30pm | Yoga Pod 1
in person + virtual | drop in available


11am | North Boulder Park*


9:30am | Colorado Athletic Club
membership required

Park 10-pack*

I am offering a Park 10-pack to those of you who are interested. The 10 pack is $150. You can Venmo, Paypal or bring payment to class. The park pack includes 2 free guest passes for you to give to friends as gifts (or use for yourself:).

    • You track your own classes (honor system). You do not have to alert me when you are coming. (I am keeping enough spots open for pass holders).
    • I will communicate cancellations through this newsletter and social media.
    • Your park class pass is transferable. Feel free to share with a friend.